How many clothes can be washed together in washer dryer combo?

Actually it depends on the size of your washer dryer Combo.The quantity a washer dryer can clean in one go typically starts as small as 5 kg (which is sufficient to wash 16 men’s cotton shirts at once) and limit up to 12 kg enough to wash an unbelievable 36 shirts at once.

A 7 kg drum is average and is perfect for a medium size family you can fit in easily 22 shirts or a more typical might construct, for suppose two pairs of men’s jeans, three pairs of children’s jeans, four men’s shorts, two bath and three small towels, two pillowcases and three tea towels.

In market different size of washer dryer combo are available. In below we provide some model of combo info that what is the capacity of which model.

LG WM3997HWA : Capacity of this model is 4.3 cubic feet. This model’s washer drum size is bigger then all of other models those are available in market. It was best seller washer dryer combo in 2016.

Ariston Elegance Line ARWDF129NA : This product capacity is 1.82 cubic feet. It can washer 15 lbs. / 7.0 kg and dryer 13 lbs. / 6.0 kg.

Ariston ARWDF129SNA: This is another product of Ariston Elegance. It’s capacity is 1.82 cubic feet. It can washer 15 lbs. / 7.0 kg and dryer 12 lbs. / 6.0 kg.

Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH: Front door loading 2.0 cubic feet washer and dryer combo with Ventless condensing drying system. It can wash: 13 lb, dry: 8 lb.

Edgestar CWD1550W: Edgestar Ventless Condensing 2.0 cubic feet washer and dryer combo. It can wash :15 lb, dry: 7.7 lb.

Samsung WD856UHSAWQ: This Sumsang washer dryer combo has modern feature. It can wash :8.5 kg dry: 6 kg.

Whirlpool WET3300XQ:  This model is different from other washer dryer combo. Most of combo has more wash capacity from dryer. But this model has dryer capacity more than wash. It can washer capacity: 2.5 cu. ft.; dryer capacity: 5.9 cu. ft.