Common Advantage and Disadvantage of Washer Dryer Combo

Common Advantage and Disadvantage of Washer Dryer Combo


We explain more common advantage and disadvantage of washer dryer combo .Technology make our life more comfortable. Washer dryer combo is one of the latest invention to wash and dry cloth. Every product has advantage and disadvantage side but overall washer dryer combo is the best solution for home laundry. In below I will try to explain few main common advantage and disadvantage about washer dryer combo.


Advantage of Washer Dryer Combo:


  • Saving Space:

    Washer dryer combo takes more less space. So it is more popular in how live in small family and don’t have any other laundry. It is built within all option that available in washer and dry machine. You can easily set up into counter top, any small area and also bathroom.


  • Saving Money:

    When you buy a separate machine for washer and dryer it should be more costly from washer and dryer combo. So washer dryer combo save your money.


  • User friendly:

    Washer dryer combo function is more visible from separate machine. It has a digital monitor ,you can see all functionality, working progress and which option are active. You can set up or rearrange all function from monitor. Some modern machine has auto function depend on cloth type. So it’s more user friendly from separate machine.


  • Place anywhere:

    Another significant feature is portability. More brand models have wheels that help to move anywhere that you want. Also don’t need any dedicated gas and electricity or vent-less machines.   

Disadvantage of Washer Dryer Combo:


  • Low Capacity:

    Old model washer dryer has not enough space for washer and dryer. But modern model has enough space to wash 20lb and dryer 13lb.It is fully comparable to standard washing machines and tumble dryers.


  • Taking too much time:

    Washer dryer combo has taking more time from separate machine. Basically the drying cycle of washer dryer combo takes more time.But some of morden combo model reduce the recycling time, saving time and also improved fabric care. In drying time also it produce less temperature.


  • Not energy saving:

    Washer Dryer Combo is taking more time to completed washing and drying cycle. So it is spend more money from separate machine in electricity.