5 Best Customer Review about LG- WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo

Five Best Customer Review about LG- WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo

Review 1:

First review from our listing five best customer review about LG- WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo is washes excellent, noiseless operation, abundant of wash option , will wish fairly large load of laundry,trouble with clothes tangling and turning into balls.
this washer dryer washes clothes good than any washer machine ever used.The new laundry mat up the street with all new equipment does not wash as well as this machine.

Five best customer review about LG- WM3987HW

Review 2:

Temperature tolerant,I did not take a temperature of the machine but you could feel the difference when you touched the machine. The timed modes seem to be the least hot. And on More dry cycle it get very hot, one person showed a photo with an external temp of 104*F.

If you give up clothes in after it is done washing and drying they will come out excessively wrinkled, even with the 4 hours Cool Down that flips the laundry every few minutes to supposedly keep clothes from getting wrinkled.

Review 3:

maintenance is obsessive,You have to clean lint out of the door seal after every wash, least that is the advice, on a regular basis you are suppose to drain the water pump and clean the pump filter. I have yet to find a way to get the lint off the door seal easily. I think your suppose to wipe the door glass also. They recommend you store it with the door open.

Review 4:

It is so suitable to set the wash, dry and leave it. If your single and like your liberty and clean clothes this is the machine for you. I adjuration it washes clothes cleaner than any machine I have ever owned and with less soap. It might even do well for a married couple who wash more than with a big washer, dryer set.

Review 5:

A sponge soaking wet, pressed just enough it does not drip, run around the seal will pull all the lint off the outer and inner seal exactly. Picks up maximum of the lint on first swob and then rinse and do it again and all the lint will either collect on the sponge or end up at the bottom of the door seal. Takes about 1 min.

5 Negative Customer review about LG WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo.

Five Negative Customer Review about LG WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo.

Review 1:
This product is designed without a lint trap, so the lint clogs inside and requires disassembly of the machine to repair. The first clue this is happening is not a warning indicator or error code (and there are plenty), but the unit just stops drying.

LG does not acknowledge the design defect or “fix” but plenty of owners do. Look online to find the same problem and the same frustration. DO NOT BUY.

Review 2:

Not too long after my initial purchase the drain hose began a torrential leaking during the drying cycle. I had a warranty and it was replaced. Now the replacement is leaking in the exact same spot. Obviously, this is a part defect. Other than that I love this machine.

Review 3:

I bought this combo washer/dryer only four years ago. It has had to be serviced twice. Now the drying cycle makes the clothes sopping wet and the repair service can not figure out how to fix it! A lot of money spent on a short-lived appliance!

Review 4:
About 12 months after purchase the machine motor stopped. Had it repaired, and had to pay the full price since the 12 mo warranty had just expired. At the 24 mo anniversary again the motor went out. Again had to pay full price for the repair. Now the motherboard is out.

Review 4:
When I purchased my condo, there was an LG Washer/dryer combo already in the unit. I thought it was fantastic! I used it for less than a year and the drain pump went bad. The unit was covered under my new home warranty so I had someone come out and fix it under warranty. Then about a year later it went out again, not under warranty anymore. I decided to just buy a new unit so I went to Home Depot and purchased a new washer/dryer combo. JUST over one year after purchase, JUST out of warranty, the drain pump went out again. I contacted LG and they thankfully extended the warranty on it so I could have it repaired. Now, about a year and 1/2 later, the drain pump just went out again. I’ve done a little research online and it is a VERY common problem with this machine. I like the machine when it’s working, I deal with the long drying times, but I remember my mom’s washing machine growing up lasting 10 plus years. Why can’t LG build a drain pump that won’t break so easily and frequently??

5 top Rank washer dryer combo 2017

Five Top Rank Washer Dryer Combo 2017 is Given Below:

Rank 1 : The LG WM3477HWA is the top rank washer dryer combo in 2017. This washer dryer combo is reliable washer and dryer machine that has big drum with Turbo Wash technology with high-pressure nozzles with reduce washing cycle and save time and energy.Along with True Balance Anti-Vibration System. This LG customizing drying programs that keep machine calm for washing at night.

Rank 2: Samsung 4.2 Cu. Ft. 9-Cycle High-Efficiency Steam Front-Loading Washer Dryer Combo. For your busy family, you necessity a washer with suitable features that can handle your huge laundry loads. This large-receptivity washer can interlude with your smartphone, includes self-cleaning technology and features a child lock to help keep your little ones safe.

Rank 3 : Ariston Elegance Line ARWDF129NA washer Dryer combo is Energy Star certified it is 1.82 Cu. ft. front loading washer and dryer combo is perfect for small location, energy skill and also fit for small family.

Rank 4: Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH 2.0 Cu. ft. front loading washer and dryer combo is Fitting for small space, energy skill and also fit for who washing cloth in home. It’s functionality easy and simple to drive this machine.

Rank 5: Ariston ARWDF129SNA washer Dryer combo is not Energy Star certified it is 1.82 Cu. ft. outer loading washer and dryer combo is Fitting for small space, it is not energy skill and also fit for small family. This combo also use as a main washing origin for large family but it’s better for Small family or vacation units.

Why Should I Choose LG WM3987HWA as My Washer dryer ?

Why Should I Choose LG WM3987HWA Washer Dryer Combo for My Laundry Solution:

I Choose LG WM3987HWA washer dryer combo for my laundry solution for the following good options:

  • This washer dryer combo has biggest capacity both wash and dry from all of others washer dryer combo those are available in market.
  • LG WM3987HWA washer dryer combo is the taller size from other washer dryer combo. But it’s easy to setup from any where.
  • It has a digital display you can easily monitoring all of things. From the screen easy to read and take a over view about machine status like how many time are left to complete the washing cycle and right now which option are select or running for your cloths.
  • LG WM3987HWA washer dryer combo has 14 different type of washer setting. That make easy your laundry option. This is the highest functionality from others combo machine.
  • LG WM3987HWA is a faster, smooth and quiet washer dryer combo. Auto vibration reduction technology included in this combo. How the machine reduces vibration ? If load become more than the combo capacity the system auto relaxes the drum enough to allow the load itself out.
  • Important part of machine is auto adjust time for wash and dry base on cloths.
  •  LG WM3987HWA Washer dryer allow you to clean your clothes at home without a full-size laundry room. LG WM3987HWA Washer dryer are your best choice if you have limited space or you’re looking to simplify your life.The best washer dryer combos have a a horde of settings that are careful with delicate clothes, fully dry bulky towels and change water temperatures for colors that run.
  • LG WM3987HWA Washer dryer is very low noise and you can use easily. After all it does not harm your clothes.

So overall I can say LG WM3987HWA Washer dryer Combo is the best washer dryer combo for home laundry.


Choose LG WM3987HWA

I have less money should i decide for washer dryer combo

Yes If you want to save money, then surely you can use of washer dryer combo,because front load washer/dryers are more energy skill than top load. Front load machines don’t use as more water because it revolve horizontally, letting gravity help circulate the water as the washer spins. Front loaders use between 18-25 gallons of water compared with nearly 40 gallons for top loaders. Since they use less water they help you save money on your water bill and since there is less water to heat they also help you save money on your electric bill.

What is a Washer Dryer Combo?

What is a Washer Dryer Combo?

Washer Dryer Combo is a combined machine of washing machine and clothes dryer machine. Basically the combo machine is a perfect for who lives in urban small home or apartment. It takes half space from separate washing machine and cloths dryer machine and no need to air vent. It is save your time and save your money. Because it washer and dryer go on one way. Most of combo are portable and if need you can add water line or sink.

Washer Dryer Combo

Day by day washer dryer combo machine are popular because it’s size , taking small space as like as a washing machine but it is able to work  both washing and drying. It has lot of option or function to complete to wash and dry cloth. You can optimize washer and dryer cycle, choose the cycle depends on cloth material and cloth dirty level.

But it is not work like a stackable machine or separate machine ,those are working lot of cloths. Stackable is the best choice for large family or laundry center. Washer dryer combo also designed by front and top door system.

Lot of other feature are available in combo like Auto control, Child lock, Digital display Monitor, Delay wash and more. In market different type ,design of washer dryer combo available. You can choose the desire combo for you from bestwasherdryercombo website.

In which case Washer dryer combo is more suitable ?

There are many case for considering washer dryer combo is suitable for laundry solution:

  • Saving Space: Washer dryer combo machine takes small space to setup because it size is small from washing and cloth dryer machine. It’s more popular day by day for it’s smallness. You can easily setup in any place such as small homes, apartments, condominiums.
  • Portable: Some of models have wheel for moving. You can move easily every where that you want because it no need to dedicated gas, electricity or water line or also no need exhaust ducts.
  • Energy Saving: Most of combo has Energy Star Certified. So it take less electricity to complete the washing drying cycle. It is saving your money also.
  • User Friendly: Most of the washer dryer combo has digital monitor and lot of functions to run the combo machine easily. You get many feature that should be more easy to washing and drying cloths like choose the washing cycles, which option is active now, temperature controlling, drying and washing time and more.
  • Money Saving: Washer dryer combo price is more chipper than separate machine price of washing and drying. It is working almost same but it save money.

Washer dryer combo is comparatively less time needed for washing and drying, specially who is very busy and less time available. If you want to know more details about advantage and disadvantage of combo.

Why Washer Dryer Combo is better than Other ordinary Washing machine ?

  • It can be used in a small room.
  • It is very easy to use than other ordinary washer dryer machine.
  • It does no harm to your clothes.
  • Dries clothes in only 5 minutes.
  • Impenetrable and lightweight.
  • It does no harm to the clothes.
  • It is high quality washer dryer combo machine.

how to choose a good washing machine

When investing in a new washing machine, there’s a lot more at play than how well it cleans. First, you’ll consider the type of machine you want — a traditional top loader, a top loader without an agitator, or a front loader. Budget, of course, is another concern (a full-size machine can cost anywhere from $400 to over $1,700). And which special cleaning features might be super-helpful to you? Here’s how to approach the appliance aisle armed with a clear point of view.

If you have a small laundry room (or just a laundry corner):
Full-sized washers can be 24 to 30-plus inches wide (and some machines sport bulky, contoured fronts that add to the width), so start by grabbing your tape measure. Jot down the dimensions of your space, but also check that the washer will fit through the hallways and doorways on the way into the room. And consider other limiting factors, such as a washer door that will bang into the wall every time you open it. If you’re faced with a super-narrow space, a front loader that stacks with the dryer may be your best bet.

If your laundry room isn’t in the basement:
First, make sure the floor is properly reinforced for the weight of the machines. You may want a quieter model with features that reduce vibration and noise during the spin cycle so it’s not disruptive to your daily life. And think about splurging for a “fashion” color, since it’s likely your machine may be seen by guests more often than if it were hidden downstairs.

If you have a ton of wash to do:
The tub dimensions are most important, and can range from about 2.45 cubic feet up to 5.6 cubic feet. You’ll find the largest capacity on a front loader or in a top loader without the central agitator. And consider bells and whistles like programmable settings (so older kids can help do their laundry with ease) or a pedestal that will save your back from endless stooping.

If you don’t want to spend a lot:
A small budget doesn’t necessarily mean a sacrifice in performance, but you’ll likely get fewer fancy features. And don’t be swayed by trendy colors: You’ll save $100 to $200 if you opt for a white model. Traditional no-frill top loaders are the cheapest, but they use more energy to run. Use the Energy Guide estimates to factor in your energy costs over the 10-to-15-year life of the machine.

If you want to conserve water and electricity:
Front loaders use way less water than traditional top loaders, which have to fill up entirely for the wash and rinse cycles. Opt for an Energy Star model, which reduces electricity and water use by 20% and 35%, respectively, over non-rated models. And check out those Energy Guide labels as a basis for comparison from model to model. However, remember that your actual costs will vary, based on your usage and the utility costs in your area.

If you’re always fighting tough stains:
In our tests, front loaders provided better cleaning results than top loaders. Look for a machine with a special stain-remover or presoaking cycles, or one with a steam feature. A “cool” temperature setting that mixes in a bit of hot water with the cold will help powdered detergent dissolve completely for better stain removal.

If you’re particular about clothing care:
You’ll prefer a front-loader or a top-loader without the agitator, which can cause clothing to tangle and is harder on fabric. Some higher-end models have nifty special cycles designed to clean specific materials, from denim to towels to comforters to hand-washables, and more. Also look for custom features like steam for better stain removal, adjustable spin speeds to reduce tangling, and sanitizing cycles to kill germs.

The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer Review

  • Save time and money doing your laundry
  • • Extremely economical way to dry your clothes – no vent or special outlet required
  •  110V apartment spin dryer, handles 12 lbs of clothes
  • Super quiet and very gentle on clothes – gets clothes very close to dry in only 5 mintes (not 100%, they come out slightly damp)
  • Important note: Zip ties and metal motor lock at the bottom of the unit must be removed for it to work