5 Best Customer Review about LG- WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo

Five Best Customer Review about LG- WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo

Review 1:

First review from our listing five best customer review about LG- WM3987HW Washer Dryer Combo is washes excellent, noiseless operation, abundant of wash option , will wish fairly large load of laundry,trouble with clothes tangling and turning into balls.
this washer dryer washes clothes good than any washer machine ever used.The new laundry mat up the street with all new equipment does not wash as well as this machine.

Five best customer review about LG- WM3987HW

Review 2:

Temperature tolerant,I did not take a temperature of the machine but you could feel the difference when you touched the machine. The timed modes seem to be the least hot. And on More dry cycle it get very hot, one person showed a photo with an external temp of 104*F.

If you give up clothes in after it is done washing and drying they will come out excessively wrinkled, even with the 4 hours Cool Down that flips the laundry every few minutes to supposedly keep clothes from getting wrinkled.

Review 3:

maintenance is obsessive,You have to clean lint out of the door seal after every wash, least that is the advice, on a regular basis you are suppose to drain the water pump and clean the pump filter. I have yet to find a way to get the lint off the door seal easily. I think your suppose to wipe the door glass also. They recommend you store it with the door open.

Review 4:

It is so suitable to set the wash, dry and leave it. If your single and like your liberty and clean clothes this is the machine for you. I adjuration it washes clothes cleaner than any machine I have ever owned and with less soap. It might even do well for a married couple who wash more than with a big washer, dryer set.

Review 5:

A sponge soaking wet, pressed just enough it does not drip, run around the seal will pull all the lint off the outer and inner seal exactly. Picks up maximum of the lint on first swob and then rinse and do it again and all the lint will either collect on the sponge or end up at the bottom of the door seal. Takes about 1 min.